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Snowmobile Priest Lake, Idaho

Snowmobile Priest Lake, Idaho is dedicated to providing information on snowmobiling at Priest Lake as well as promoting the best accommodations and cuisine in the area.
Snowmobile Priest Lake is a compilation of facts as well as articles that have been written about Priest lake snowmobiling and the wonderful winter time recreational opportunities that can
be found in this pristine wilderness.

Over 400 miles of groomed trails, endless play bowls and fantastic places to stay and dine. What are you waiting for? Come and snowmobile Priest Lake, Idaho!
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Idaho State Snowmobile Association Article:

As a group, the International Snowmobile media Council, takes one excursion
per year to experience and expose another one of snowmobiling's secret
destinations. This years choice, Priest Lake, Idaho, came with many high
recommendations for its famous lodging , cuisine and , oh yea, snowmobiling!
And Priest Lake turned out to be an undiscovered mecca for every type and
style of snowmobiler.

Idaho, if you are unfamiliar with its geography, is basically composed of
Northern Idaho, with its lakes and mountain tops crowding the scenery, unique history, economy and culture that is distinctly different from that of the rest of Idaho. Mountain tops and clear-cuts are the most fun for snowmobilers and this is exactly what the folks at Priest Lake had in store for us. It seems that Mother Nature, in the late 1960's, via the Big Sundance Burn, cleared thousands of acres all over the immediate Priest Lake area. This makes for more play areas and hill climbs than even the most experienced and radical of snowmobilers knew what to do with.
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Priest Lake snowmobiling pictures here!
Priest Lake Chamber Snowmobiling Article:

Looking for that special snowmobiling experience of a lifetime? Do you get weak in the knees at the thought of your 1000cc super charged machine pushing virgin powder across wide open playgrounds with spectacular mountain backdrops? Or do you thrill at the thought of awe inspiring panoramic views, the beauty of nature's snow castles, and the winter wonderland of deep forests with trees heavily laden with great heaping mounds of snow? If any of this stirs the cockles of your heart, and it's sometime between November and April, you probably need to be loading the sleds and heading for Priest Lake. Continue snowmobiling article

priest lake snowmobile vacation photos Priest Lake Snowmobiling Photos Click Here!

We have hundreds of photos of some of the best places to ride. Come take a look at our slide show and get a look at what things are really like here at Priest Lake, Idaho

priest lake, idaho snowmobile map
Priest Lake snowmobile trail maps are available at local retailers and resorts. Click the small map for a magnified view. Priest Lake snowmobile trail systems are marked in red. We have AN ADDITIONAL GROOMER on our trails this year:)
Priest Lake Idaho Facts:

Priest Lake Basin Area: 592 square miles
Public Lands: 523, 000 acres (combined USFS and Idaho State Lands)
Population: Estimated 750 year-round residents / estimated 3,200 including seasonal residents
Elevation: 2,438 feet at lake level to 7,600+ feet in surrounding mountains
Nearest Cities: Priest River, ID (30 miles / 1,860 population), Sandpoint, ID (50 miles / 7,920 population)
Lake Size: Lower Priest Lake: 23,300 surface acres / 72 miles of shoreline / 19 miles long / maximum width 4.5 miles / maximum depth 369 feet
Upper Priest Lake: 1,338 surface acres / 8 miles of shoreline / 3.3 miles long /
maximum width 1 mile / maximum depth 112 feet
Lodging Facilities: 9 resorts / 159 units, 2 B&B's / 9 rooms, 6 private RV parks / 125 spaces
Public Campgrounds, USFS - 14 campgrounds / 264 sites
Priest Lake State Park - 3 campgrounds / 151 sites
15 restaurants ranging from simple fare to award-winning gourmet establishments
Public Recreation Facilities
Priest Lake State Park (camping, hiking, beach, boating, water sports, swimming, picnic, summer nature programs, nordic sports)
Priest Lake Ranger District (camping, hiking, beach, boating, water sports, swimming, picnic, summer nature programs, nordic sports)
The Nordic Center at Priest Lake (cross-country skiing, snowshoeing)
Priest Lake Golf Club (18-hole, par 72 championship course)
Priest Lake Snowmobile Trail System (400+ miles of groomed trails)

Groomed Trail Update
Priest Lake, Idaho Weather
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